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"Our first priority must be to keep Albertans alive- and having supervised consumption services available for Albertans who use substances will do that while providing wrap-around health and treatment supports."

                                                                     - Brandy Payne, Associate Minister of Health

Red Deer's Needs Assessment

Between June and August 2017, researchers engaged 258 people who are active drug users to participate in the Red Deer Drug Use and Health Survey (RDDUHS), approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board.  

What did we learn about drug use and the need for SCS in Red Deer?  Read more below for highlights of the research findings.


68.9% male

30.7% female

0.4% transgender

most participants'

annual income was

less than $19,999

however 12% of participants' income

was over $50,000

most participants

were between 31-50 years old

however most participants were between 12-14 years old the first time they used drugs


93% of participants use non-injection drugs

66% of participants use injection drugs 

50% of participants had witnessed needle sharing

17.5% had re-used a needle

76% of participants had injected drugs in public

        most common reason: homelessness

29% of participants had overdosed at least once in

        the last 6 months

58% of participants had witnessed someone overdose         in the last 6 months


88% of participants were willing to use SCS

        in Red Deer

96% of participants preferred Turning Point as the         location for SCS

59% of participants spend most of their day in             downtown Red Deer

79% of participants stated that wrap around services at             SCS were important (including housing, health                 services, detox/treatment, and HIV/HCV testing) 

SCS at Turning Point

Turning Point is the only service provider in Red Deer with the willingness and ability to provide supervised consumption services that will meet the needs of our community.  Here's why:

„Based on conducted needs assessment, existing community services and municipal demographics:

  • „Turning Point is the preferred location for the potential clients

  • „Turning Point was chosen by Alberta Health to lead the Needs Assessment and chair the Red Deer Coalition on the Opioid Crisis

  • „Turning Point is the local expert in harm reduction related to drug use and disease prevention

  • „Turning Point has the capacity and the relationships to provide comprehensive wrap-around services

To support Turning Point with having SCS at our current location click here.


T: 403-346-8858

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